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Historical change, cultural differences and the creation of historical fiction.

A group work exercise in which the class role-play the research crew on a film which is set in the transition from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic period in Ireland.


that students may consider:


Preferably a double class period for group discussion and at least a single class period for groups to report back and carry out the assessment exercise.


 Copies of Worksheet Mesolithic and Worksheet Neolithic for each student. These may be obtained by downloading from the Prehistoric section of this website or from the CD ROM.

Copies of Worksheet Character profiles (below) for each student.

Copies of Worksheets Group assignments (below) for each student.


  1. Class study Worksheet Mesolithic and Worksheet Neolithic from the Prehistoric section of either this website or the CD ROM.

  2. Teacher introduces the following scenario:

    Pregraphica Ltd. are making a film. It is set in Ireland about 6,000 years ago during the transition from Mesolithic hunting and gathering to Neolithic farming. You are working in the Research Department.
  3. Teacher distributes copies of Worksheet Character profiles.

  4. Teacher invites six students to role play character profiles and engage in dialogue together in character.

  5. Divide class into six groups, keeping known aptitudes of students in mind.

  6. Hand each group the appropriate directions.

  7. Remind the students to use the Irish environment of 6,000 years ago, no modern materials and no imported materials.

  8. Teacher might recommend reference to publications about camping, scouting and survival-in-the-wild.  
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