Open the Internet and go to Annals of the Four Masters
in the Celt website.

Find and save the entries which correspond to the following clues:

  1. Believe it or not! The extraordinary tale of Cessair and the first women who came to Ireland in the year of the world 2242.
  2. The name of Lugh's foster mother and the place called after her in 3370.
  3. The fate of women at the battle of Slieve Mis in 3500.
  4. How did Tara get its name in 3502?
  5. Follow the tale of Macha for fourteen years from 4532.
  6. A slaughter of women in 241 AD.
  7. Copy the short poem about Darerca who died in 517.
  8. Copy the obituary in the Annals of the Four Masters for St. Brigid who, according to their records, died in 525.
  9. Details about a murderous woman for the next two years.
  10. Find the names of the three abbesses of Kildare (Cill Dara) who died in 687, 726, 738.
  11. The obituary for Ita in 569.
  12. For what qualities did the annalists praise Eithne, wife of the king of Tara?
  13. The annals give obituaries for the abbesses of Cluain Bronaigh, a convent near Armagh. Name those who died in 734, 775, 780, 804, and 810.
  14. For what qualities was Tethbha praised in 734?
  15. What problem did Ellbrigh have to deal with in 778?
  16. A sensational female monster in Alba (Scotland) in 887. Did she escape into Lough Ness?
Four Masters commemorated at Kinlough

The Four Masters are commemorated by
a sculpture on the River Drowes at
Kinlough, Co. Leitrim.


  1. With regard to the entries for the years 2242, 3500, 241, 778, and 887 say whether you think them:
    a) very likely to be true

    b) fairly likely to be true

    c) not to be taken as absolute fact but possibly based on fact

    d) not likely to be true

    In each case give a brief reason for your opinion.

  2. List five kinds of women that most interested the annalists, in your opinion.
  3. List five kinds of men that most interested the annalists, in your opinion. Write a brief paragraph on the Annals of the Four Masters as historical source material.
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