Year Ireland Abroad  
1494 Poyning's Law Reign of Henry VIII 1509-47
1534 Revolt of Silken Thomas led to the downfall of the Kildare Geraldines Act of Supremacy established Henry VIII as supreme head of the church in England 1534
1540-43 Policy of 'Surrender and Regrant' introduced          
1541 Henry VIII declared king of Ireland and head of the church in Ireland          
    Reign of Edward VI 1547-53
1556 Plantation of Laois-Offaly Reign of Mary I 1553-8
1569-83 Desmond Rebellions followed by Munster Plantation Reign of Elizabeth I 1558-1603
    Life of William Shakespeare 1564-1616
1593-1603 Nine Years War    
1601 Battle of Kinsale Reign of James I 1603-25
1609 Ulster Plantation    
1610-21 Plantations in Wexford, Leitrim, Longford and parts of Offaly and Laois    
1641-53 Confederate Wars Reign of Charles I 1625-49
1649-50 Cromwell's Irish campaign Commonwealth 1649-60
1652 Cromwellian land settlement begins    
1662 Acts restricting Irish trade begin Reign of Charles II 1660-85
    Reign of James II 1685-88
1689-91 Williamite War Reign of William III and Mary II 1688-1702
1691 Treaty of Limerick    
1695 Penal Laws begin    
    Reign of Queen Anne 1702-14
    Reigns of George I, II, III & IV 1714-1830
1778-1829 Catholic Relief Acts American Declaration of Independence 1776
1782 Dungannon Convention    
    French Revolution 1789
1798 1798 Rebellion    
1800 Act of Union    
1803 Robert Emmet Rising    
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