Mary E. Butler of the Gaelic League urges women  to promote the Irish language in 1901

Mary Butler, Some suggestions as to how Irishwomen may help the Irish Language Movement (Gaelic League pamphlet No. 6, Dublin 1901).
Reprinted in Maria Luddy, Women in Ireland 1800-1918, Cork, 1995, p.299.


  1. What was the author's motive in writing these recommendations?
  2. What do the above recommendations tell us about the general attitude to the Irish language in 1901?
  3. What does this source tell us about the role of women at the time?
  4. Do you think recommendations for men would have been different from those for women in 1901? Give reasons for your opinion in relation to any three recommendations.
  5. Evaluate the document as historical evidence.
  6. Discuss the document in its historical context.


  1. Research the activities of the Gaelic League in your area.
  2. Compare the recommendations of Mary E. Butler above with the account of the Gaelic League given by Jennie Wyse Power below.
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