1848 Young Ireland rebellion

1867 Fenian Rising

1879 Land War begins

1886 First Home Rule Bill

1893 Gaelic League founded

1900 Inghínidhe na hÉireann founded

1911 Ulster Women's Unionist Council founded

1905 Sinn Féin founded

1914 Cumann na mBan founded

1916 Easter Rising

1918 Women over 30 may vote under certain conditions

1919 Dáil Éireann and beginning of Anglo-Irish War

1920 Government of Ireland Act set up a six-county parliament and administration in Northern Ireland

1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty signed

1922 Irish Free State comes into existence

1922-3 Civil War

1923 Women between 18 and 30 vote for the first time in Ireland on the same basis as men

1969 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland begin.
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