Parliamentary Papers and Debates

(a) Reports of Commissioners

Eighth Report of the Commissioners of Irish Education Inquiry, 1824.

Second Report of the Commissioners on Public Instruction, Ireland, 1834.

Special Reports on Convent Schools in connection with the Board of National Education. H.C., 1864, Vol.XLVI.

Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into primary education in Ireland. Powis Commission H.C., 1870, Vol. XXVIII.

Reports of Commissioners appointed to inquire into the endowments, funds, and actual condition of all schools endowed for the purpose of education in Ireland. H.C., 1857-58, Vol. XXII.

First Report of the Commissioners on Intermediate Education Ireland with Appendix. H.C., 1899, Vol XXII.

Final Report of the Commissioners on Intermediate Education Ireland Vol. XXII Evidence, H.C., 1899, XXIII.

Part II of Appendix to Final Report, H.C,. 1899, vol. XXIV.
Reports of the Intermediate Education Board for Ireland, 1879-1901.

(b) Parliamentary debates

Hansard's parliamentary debates, 3rd series, June-July 1878.

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School Magazines

The Grammarian, Cork, May 1952; May 1958; May 1960. (Articles on the High School, Cork.).

Alexandra College Magazine, 1866-1916, Dublin, 1916.

Ref1ections, St. Louis, Monaghan, 1859-1977, Dublin 1978.

Souvenir, St. Peter's Convent of Mercy, Derry, 1848-1958.

The Beacon, Convent of Mercy, Arklow, 1932.

The Irish Sisters of Charity, Centenary Brochure, 1958.

Newtown School Centenary, Waterford, 1898.

Centenary Souvenir, Sacred Heart Convent, Roscrea, 1842-1960.

Dorothy Rudd: Rochelle, The History of a school in Cork, 1829-1979.

Naomh Ursula
, Thurles, 1932.

St. Ursula's Annual, Waterford School Magazine, 1927.

Ursuline Centenary Annual, Sligo, 1850-1950.

School Magazine Corona Sacred Heart of Mary Convent, Ferrybank, Co. Waterford, 1973.

Centenary Celebrations, 1967, Sisters of the Holy Faith, Dublin, 1967.

Centenary Record: Brigidine convent, 1837-1937, Tullow, 1938.

The Lanthorn: Year Book of the Dominicans, Eccles Street, Dublin, Christmas 1915 and 1916.

Year Book of the Dominicans, Galway. The Western Wind, Galway, 1922.

Veritas, Journal of the Dominicans, Sion Hill, Dublin, 1907.

Dominican Convent, Galway: Celebration of third century of foundation 1644-1944, Galway, 1944.

The Loreto Magazine, 1895-1902.

Loreto College Annual, Rathfarnham.

Centenary Booklet, Loreto Convent, Wexford, 1866-1966.


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Special Studies

Barnard, HC., The French Tradition in Education, Cambridge, 1922.

Aron, Marguerite, The Ursulines, New York, 1947.

Kaye, Elaine, A History of Queen's College, London, 1848-1972, London, 1972.

Maurice, FD., Inaugural Lecture on Queen's College, London, 1848, Pamphlet.

Clarke, AK., A History of the Cheltenham Ladies' College, 1853-1953, London, 1954.

Howe, Bea, A Galaxy of Governesses, London,1954.

Virnot, Sophie, RCSJ, Le Charisme de Sainte Madeleine, France, 1975.

O'Leary, Margaret, Education with a Tradition, London, 1936. (Sacred Heart Order).

Walsh, William, Statement of the chief grievances of Irish Catholics in the matter of education, Primary, Intermediate, and University, Dublin, 1890.

Results Lists, Intermediate Board, 1879-1901.

Examination Papers, Intermediate Board, 1879-1901.

Dowling, PJ, A History of Irish Education, Dublin, 1971.

T.G. McElligott, Education in Ireland, Dublin, 1966.

Breathnach, Eibhlín, 'Women and Higher Education in Ireland, 1874-1914' in The Crane Bag 4.

Cullen, Mary (ed.), Girls don't do honours, Dublin, 1987. (See Eibhlin Breathnach, 'Charting new waters: women's experiences in higher education, 1879-1908.' and 'The Revolution in girls' secondary education in Ireland, 1860-1910').

O'Connor, Anne V., 'Influences Affecting Girls' Secondary education in Ireland, 1860-1910' in Archivium Hibernicum, XLI.

O'Connor, Anne V., & Susan M. Parkes, Gladly Learn and Gladly Teach: A History of Alexandra College and School, Dublin, 1983.

Parkes, Susan M. (ed.), A danger to the men?: a history of women in Trinity College, Dublin 1904-2004, Dublin, 2004.

Cullen, Mary & Maria Luddy (eds.), Women, Power and Consciousness in 19th century Ireland, Dublin, 1995 for chapters on Margaret Aylward, Anne Jellicoe, and Isabella Tod.

Luddy, Maria, 'Presentation Convents in County Tipperary, 1806-1990' in Tipperary Historical Journal.1992.

Clear, Caitríona, Nuns in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, Dublin, 1987.

Raftery, Deirdre, Women and Learning in English Writing, 1600-1900, Dublin, 1997.

Prunty, Jacinta, Margaret Aylward 1810-1889, Dublin ,1995.

Turner, Barry, Equality for All, London, 1974.

Lawson, J.,& H. Silver, A Social History of Education, London, 1973.

Kamm, Josephine, How Different from us, London, 1958.

Kamm, Josephine, Indicative Past, London, 1972.

Borer, MC, Willingly to School, London, 1976.

Hunt, Felicity (ed.), Lessons for Life: The Schooling of Girls and Women, 1850-1950, London, 1987.

Purvis, June, Hard Lessons, 1989.

Purvis, June, A History of Women's Education in England, Oxford, 1991.

Spender, Dale (ed.), The Education Papers: Women's quest for Equality in Britain, 1850-1912, London, 1987. Includes the following papers:

George J. Romanes, 'Mental Differences between Men and Women', 1887.
Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, 'An American School', 1858.
Frances Power Cobbe, 'The Education of Women and how it would be affected by University Examinations', 1862.
Josephine Butler, 'The Education and Employment of Women', 1868.
Emily Davies, 'Special Systems of Education for Women', 1868.
Frances Buss, 'Evidence to the Schools Inquiry Commission', 1865.
Maria Grey, 'On the Special Requirements for Improving the Education of Girls', 1871.
Maria Gurney, 'Are we to have Education for our Middle Class Girls?', 1872.
Emily A.E.Shirreff, 'The Work of the National Union', 1873.
Isabella Tod, 'On the Education of Girls of the Middle Class', 1874.
Sophia Jex-Blake, 'The Medical Education of Women', 1873.
Millicent Garret Fawcett, 'Altissima Peto- An Address to High School Pupils' n.d.
V. Sturge, 'The Physical Education of Women', n.d.
ETM, 'An Interior View of Girton College, Cambridge, 1876: An account from an American at Girton'.


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Murphy, Rev. Dominick, Memoirs of Miss Nano Nagle, Cork, 1845.

Hutch, William, Nano Nagle, Dublin, 1875.

Walsh, TJ, Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters, 1959.

Hutch, William, Mrs Ball, Dublin, 1879.

Gibbons, Margaret, Life of Margaret Aylward.

Sister Mary Gertrude, Heroine of the Faith , Margaret Aylward, Dublin, 1967.

A Loreto Sister, Joyful Mother of Children, Dublin, 1961.

Leaves from the Annals of the Sisters of Mercy, Vol I: Ireland, New York, 1882.

Savage, R. Burke, Catherine McAuley, the first Sister of Mercy, Dublin.

Tynan, Katherine, A nun, her friends and her order: A Sketch of the life of Mother Xaveria Fallon, Loreto, Rathfarnham, 1892.

Dunne, Mother Margaret Mary, Recollections of Seventy Years, Dublin, 1950.

Carbery, Mary, The Farm by Lough Gur, London, 1937.

Colum, Mary, Life and the Dream, London, 1947.

Cuinneagáin, Síle, Catherine Mahon: first woman president of the INTO, Dublin, 1998.


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Serial publications

Journals, periodicals, newspapers.

The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, November 1886-April 1906.

The Englishwoman's Journal, 1858-64. (13 Volumes).

The Englishwomen's Review new series, 1870-1908, Vols 1- XXXIX.

Journal of the Women's Education Union, Jan 1873-June 1882, Vols I-IX.

The Northern Whig, Belfast.

Freeman's Journal, Dublin.

Irish Times,

Campaigns for education for girls and women in Ireland and England were interlinked
in many ways. Refer to websites such as

Spartacus: Emancipation of Women 1750-1920

BBC: Women's history for further information on the campaigns in England.

Use the website Genesis to research the history of women more comprehensively.

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