The university question was finally resolved with the establishment of the National University of Ireland in 1908. Its three colleges at Dublin, Cork and Galway admitted women to lectures, prizes, awards and degrees in all faculties. The Royal University of Ireland now came to an end, as also did the Women's Colleges.

Women had demonstrated their ability to compete with men for the highest academic honours and although the numbers of women who gained university degrees was small (about 30 in any year up to 1900), yet they had at least opened the door to equality for future generations of women.


  1. The National University of Ireland was established in _____ with three colleges in ____, ____ and _____.
  2. The National _____ of _____, set up in the year _____, admitted women to all faculties in its colleges at Cork, ____ and _____.
  3. Write a summary of the campaign for women's rights to higher education, 1859-1908.


  1. Write an article suitable for publication on the admission of women to all faculties and degrees of the National University of Ireland in 1908.
  2. Research any aspect of women in higher education at present.
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