Year Ireland England Year
1831 National School System introduced.
First government grant to religious schools. 1833
Queen's College, London. First college for women. 1848
Miss Buss founds North London Collegiate School for Girls. 1850
Miss Beale is Headmistress of Cheltenham College. 1858
1859 Ladies' Collegiate School, Belfast, founded by Mrs Byers.
1861 Queen's Institute, Dublin, founded by Anne Jellicoe.
1864 Special Report on Convent National Schools. Payment by results introduced into English elementary education. 1862
1866 Alexandra College, Dublin, founded by Anne Jellicoe.
1867 The Ladies' Institute, Belfast, founded by Isabella Tod.
1868 Powis Commission Inquiry into the National School system.
Girton College for Women founded by Emily Davies. 1869
1870 University examinations for women held in Queen's College, Belfast and Trinity College, Dublin. Forster's Elementary Education Act: first state primary schools.

High School movement: Maria Grey.
Newnham College, Cambridge founded by Henry Sidgwick. 1871
1872 First public meeting on girl's secondary and higher education in Belfast. Isabella Tod and Maria Grey involved.
1873 First deputation to Lord Lieutenant on defective state of girls' secondary education in Ireland.

Alexandra School, Dublin founded as 'feeder' to Alexandra College.
1877 Miss McKillip's Ladies' Collegiate School, Derry founded.
1878 Intermediate Education (Ireland) Act.
1879 Royal University of Ireland Act.
1880 Ulster Head Schoolmistresses' Association founded in Belfast.
1882 Association of Irish Schoolmistresses established. (CAISM from 1883).
1884 First nine women graduates of Royal University of Ireland.
1892 Compulsory education up to twelve years.
1898 Intermediate Education Inquiry Commission set up.
1902 First temporary inspectors for Intermediate Education.
1904 Trinity College, Dublin opened all its degrees to women.
1908 National University of Ireland opened all its degrees to women.
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