1. Write an imaginary letter that John Stuart Mill might have written to Thomas Haslam.
  2. Compose an imaginary speech John Stuart Mill might deliver to the UK House of Commons in support of women's suffrage.
  3. Compose an obituary for John Stuart Mill (1806-73).
  4. Write an imaginary letter Isabella Tod might have sent to Anna and Thomas Haslam.
  5. Write an article for the Women's Advocate.
  6. Make a poster for the Women's Advocate.
  7. Research the following:
    Mary Wollstonecraft; William Thompson and Anna Doyle Wheeler; John Stuart Mill and his wife Harriet Taylor Mill; Isabella Tod; Anna and Thomas Haslam.
  8. Research the Irish Women's Suffrage and Local Government Association (IWSLGA)
  9. Research the suffrage movement in your own area during the nineteenth century. Refer to the Research unit at the end of this section.
  10. Refer to Studies of source material in Documents at the end of this section.
  11. Refer to Internet sites such as Spartacus: Emancipation of Women 1750-1920 and BBC: Women's history for further information on the campaigns for women's suffrage in England and Ireland at this time.
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