1. Draft the imaginary letter Mrs Fawcett might have written to Mrs Pankhurst urging the suspension of militant suffragette tactics to give the Conciliation Bill a chance.

  2. Draft the imaginary letter Mrs Pankhurst might have written in reply.

  3. Role play a mock interview with Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst.

  4. Role play a conversation between Mrs Pankhurst and a policeman who is arresting her on a charge of window-smashing.

  5. An Anti-suffrage woman journalist writes a report on one of the following:

  6. Make a poster for Mrs Fawcett's group, using their colours: red, white and green.

  7. Make a poster for Mrs Pankhurst's group, using their colours: purple and green.

  8. Design a news sheet for any militant suffrage activity using headlines, reports, photographs, cartoons, advertisements, letters to the paper which approve and disapprove, etc. Include, if possible, the colours, banners and badges of the NUWSS and the WSPU.

  9. Refer to Internet sites such as Spartacus: Emancipation of Women 1750-1920 and BBC: Women's history for further information on the campaigns for women's suffrage in England at this time.
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