1. Role play a conversation between Prime Minister Asquith and John Redmond.
  2. Write a speech to be delivered by a woman from your area at the mass meeting of women's organisations in June 1912.
  3. Organise a mock trial of Hanna Sheehy Skeffington on a charge of 'damaging government property by smashing windows at Dublin Castle sometime after 5 a.m. on June 13th 1912.' You will find evidence and support material in the extract above, in Irish Women's Franchise League members in court, in Tribunal role play in Documents at the end of this section and in Biographies.
  4. Write a letter to a newspaper in connection with the force-feeding of the English suffragettes, Mary Leigh and Gladys Evans.
  5. Write a report about the suffragettes at Tullamore Jail, January to March 1913, for a local newspaper.
  6. Write a report for a local newspaper about the opening of the bridge by John Redmond at Waterford, 2 October 1913.
  7. Research the topic of women's suffrage in your own area. Refer to the Research unit in a later part of this section.
  8. Study Studies of source material, Biography, Reports and Tribunal role play in Documents at the end of this section.
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