1. The ____________ was founded by ___________ and ___________ Sheehy Skeffington and _______ and ____________ Cousins in the year __________ .

  2. Several local women's groups united to form the ___________ founded by _________ and _________ in the year ________ .

  3. Select any three of the following and write a paragraph on each:
    • The Irish Women's Franchise League
    • the Irish Citizen
    • the Irishwomen's Suffrage Federation
    • the Women's Anti-Suffrage League
    • Hanna & Frank Sheehy Skeffington
    • Margaret & James Cousins.

  4. What do you think 'she sensed the Time Spirit' meant in connection with Anna Haslam in 1908?

  5. Why do you think the IWFL were so successful in their campaign in Galway and so ridiculed in some other places?

  6. Why was Frank Sheehy Skeffington ridiculed at times while promoting votes for women?

  7. Evaluate any two of the primary sources quoted as historical evidence.
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