Lists of Women TDs and Senators 1922-37

Women TDs 1922-37

Name Political Party Constituency Years elected
Caitlín Brugha Republican/Sinn Féin Waterford 1923 (Abstentionist), June 1927*
Kathleen Clarke Fianna Fáil Dublin North June 1927
Margaret Collins-O'Driscoll Cumann na nGaedheal Dublin North 1923, June 1927, September 1927, 1932
Helena Concannon Fianna Fáil National University of Ireland 1933
Dr. Kathleen Lynn Republican Dublin County 1923 (Abstentionist)
Mary McSwiney Republican Cork City 1923 (Abstentionist)
Constance Markievicz Republican and Fianna Fáil from 1926 Dublin South 1923 (Abstentionist) June 1927. Died 1927
Margaret Pearse Fianna Fáil Dublin County 1933
Bridget Redmond Fine Gael Waterford 1933, 1937
Mary Reynolds Cumann na nGaedheal/Fine Gael Leitrim-Sligo 1932, 1937

*June 1927: the Dáil elected in June was dissolved in August, and a general election was held in September 1927

Women Senators 1922-1937

Name Year of election and year of departure
Eileen Costello 1922-1934
Countess of Desart 1922 (died 1933)
Alice Stopford-Green 1922 (died 1929)
Jennie Wyse-Power 1922-1936
Kathleen Clarke 1928-1936
Kathleen Browne 1929-1936

Based on Mary Clancy, 'Aspects of women's contribution to the
Oireachtas debate in the Irish Free State, 1922-1937'
in Maria Luddy & Cliona Murphy (eds.), Women Surviving, Dublin, 1990, p.231.


  1. Write a brief paragraph on each of the following:

    Margaret Collins-O'Driscoll; Bridget Redmond; Constance Markievicz; Jennie Wyse Power; any other woman from the list of women TDs and Senators above.


  1. Research the political career of any woman mentioned above.
  2. Did any of the above women represent your area? If so, is there any information available locally.
  3. Research the current proportion of women to men in the Oireachtas.
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